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order API has any limitation per call ?

Does Suredone GET order API has any limitation per call ? because the number of oid count returned does not match with “count” field in the payload. Please see the attached payload for reference.

(529 KB)
  • Hello,

    Currently there are no limits on API usage yet we are working on implementing throttle limits in the near future.

    As for the count, it reflects the total number of results - per your example it generally means there would be 1 order returned on the 2nd page of results.


  • We will be introducing API throttling on 2022-12-09 - please review the API docs for details:

    In summary it will be 300 requests per minute for read operations, and 60 requests per minute for everything else.

  • Hi Jason, will this API limitation impact any of the built in automations? Such as Turn14, Meyer automations?

  • Hello Erno,

    This API throttling will only affect custom API integrations using the public APIs:

    This will not affect built in automations.

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