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Re-Import Ebay Shipping Charges for Orders with Accepted Best Offers

We have found that some shipping surcharges are not added to order information on eBay orders where an offer was accepted. I noticed that SureDone has recently added a feature that Imports the final value fees and payment processing fees into order details.payments field on incomplete orders for sellers with managed payments enabled. Is it possible to re-import order data after payment is received, specifically shipping charges?

We have a shipping policy that is free for buyers in the continental 48, but has a surcharge for buyer outside (HI, AK, PR, etc.). The surcharge is added when a buyer, from outside the 48, purchases an item using the "Buy It Now" button, but not when a best offer is accepted. 







  • Hi James,

    Thanks for the feedback - the team is scheduled to make further upgrades to the new payment processing fees over the coming weeks.

    Could you please file a support ticket with examples of orders (order numbers) that that have these surcharges showing up later and we can quickly determine if the upgrades you are requesting are within the same scope.



  • Hi James,

    Per the support ticket - we have planned upgrades to all order updates in the coming quarters.

    Meanwhile, we discussed that you are leveraging a feature for pending updates preventing full shipping charges from showing at time of import.

    Thanks again,


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