CS-Cart Integration

Hello everyone,

Is there any chance to integrate CS-Cart as an available channel to export bulk products?

For now, I can manually download the latest bulk list (containing SKU, Quantity, and Price). 

Is it possible to setup CRON export to googledrive (with the same filename)?

Thanks in advance for help

  • Hello,

    We can review setting up an automated export. Will exporting to google drive be the only available option? How about exporting a CSV or XLS file to an FTP location instead? Will that work?



  • Thanks for the prompt reply, Rohit

    For sure it can work, no prob. Open Gdrive location is just an easy way, cause no sensitive information is exported.

    The only issue - overwrite a base CSV file to keep CRON work flawlessly.

    Thanks again for your support

  • Hello,

    If there's no problem with a CSV file upload to FTP, we can get that done at a very reasonable fee. Let us know:

    1) The exact fields from SureDone that need to be present in the export file

    2) File name

    3) Frequency of the export from SureDone

    4) FTP host address and login

    Once you confirm, I'll have to convert this forum topic into a support ticket.



  • Dear Rohit,

    As i have to confirm it on my side, kindly let me know about the cost of such integration. 

    Also, we see such option as a separate channel with fields to fill on our side - ftp (+username/password), export filename, frequency (in hours or minutes). Fields that are needed is SKU+quantity+price.

    THank you,


  • Hi Ihor,

    Cost will be about $300 one-time fee to setup, configure, implement, QA & enable.

    Yeah let me know about the below:

    2) File name 

    3) Frequency of the export from SureDone (hourly? or every 3 hours? or once a day?)

    4) FTP host address and username + password



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