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Toggle switch for automated ordering

It would be nice to see a toggle switch for the items that we would like to be automatically ordered from the vendor. this way we can control which items will be ordered  automatically and which items we feel should be ordered manually

  • Hi Joe,

    While there are no plans to have a separate interface to enable this - this is already possible by leveraging product custom fields and order item field mapping (with some limitations). For example, you could have a field "vendor" in a product custom field with "Vendor Name" filled in for these products. You could then use Order Item Field Mapping to automatically import these "vendor" fields directly to orders so those order items are automatically drop shipped via the manual drop shipping mode on the drop ship integrations. 

    The limitation here is you can only assign a single vendor to a SKU, so you wouldn't be able to automate multiple vendors in this way. 

    Let us know if this makes sense or if you need more clarification.



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