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adding columns to order page

just a suggestion. it would be great to see a stock and pustock  column within the order page...this way we can see where there is low quantity and process those orders 1st


also what else would be helpful would be to add the OID number to the product info section

or possibly move the product info section to the top.

  • Hello Joe, 

    Thanks for the feedback.

    If you would like the stock & pustock fields to show up in the Orders List view that can be accomplished via Order Custom Fields  and "Order Item Field Mapping".

    Check out this guide in the section: "How To: Create Custom Fields For Orders". If you need help, please submit a support ticket for assistance. Once these fields are created and mapped, you can add them to the order list view. Note: these values will reflect the stock and pustock fields at the time of the order, they are not a real time product view.



  • Thank you for your comments.

    If you want the stock and stock fields to appear in the Orders List view, you may use Order Custom Fields and "Order Item Field Mapping."

  • i support this fully!

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