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Cannot Connect Shipstation and Suredone


I followed instructions from the both sides to connect Shipstation and Suredone. But when I test the connection on Shipstation, I receive connection failure message.

I would appreciate it if someone could help.

Thank you.

  • Hello James,

    This can happen if the credentials were incorrectly updated in ShipStation. So, you can go to below link while you're logged in your SureDone account, copy the ShipStation credentials and update in ShipStation.

    Please find the below guide for more information -

    Thank you, SureDone Support
  • Hello Shivaji,

    Thank you for your reply. As attached, I am still receiving the error message saying "We received an error testing the SureDone store: Invalid data returned from API" when test the connection after copying username, password, and URL in Shipstation.

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