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Data Scrubbed from Order Export

 Has anyone else had the extremely valuable name, address and phone number data being scrubbed away by Suredone on the Order Export results?

That is OUR data, not Suredone's data..... I wonder if it is just our account or everyone?

  • Sorry for the delay in response. Amazon requires us (and all 3rd party Amazon providers) to remove all personally identifiable information from orders after 30 days as part of their data protection policies. See  for more info:

    Data Retention and Recovery. Developers will retain PII only for the purpose of, and as long as is necessary to fulfill orders (no longer than 30 days after order shipment), or to calculate/remit taxes. If a Developer is required by law to retain archival copies of PII for tax or similar regulatory purposes, this archived Amazon Information must be stored as a "cold" or offline (e.g., not available for immediate or interactive use) backup stored in a physically secure facility, and all archived data on backup media must be encrypted. In the event that PII is lost, you must be able to recover all PII lost (i.e., the data is erased or unavailable for processing due to system crash or ransomware).

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