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Walmart Shipping Templates


Walmart is moving to shipping templates. I'm not seeing any fields for mapping to, is that on the road map?


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  • Yeh, we need also this info

  • We have now added this to SureDone. A guide can be found here:

  • Great, I see it now. Your documentation does not mention how to turn off ( disable) Walmart’s default “valued shipping”. We need to disable Valued Shipping for all shipping templates and use our own custom values. Can you advise how to turn valued shipping off for each shipping template? Do we do it in Walmart admin area? I did not see a way to turn it off there? Do we do it in SureDone? Please let us know.
  • I believe that once you enable Shipping Templates, this overrides anything else set on your items. See the note at the top of this page: where it says "Once you have migrated to Shipping Templates, you cannot revert back to the old system." Have you tried following the guide and enabling shipping templates and relisting an item to see if this solves the issue?

  • Yes, I was curious how to Disable the Valued Shipping in the Default Shipping Template, but seems to me I can not.

    I have to make sure I use my own Shipping Template, so the default is not used for the SKU.

    It seems that Default Shipping Template is the fallback shipping template

  • update:

    we have an issue with Walmart shipping template values, we past it into the Walmart Shipping Template ID custom field manually, but it won't save properly... 

    1. We want to use the Walmart Shipping Template ID custom field; Manually pasting value in SD backend , but it won't save.

    2. We want to use the Walmart Shipping Template ID custom field; Uploading a csv file, no error in the report file, but it won't save SD backend .

    3. I see also a Shipping Template ID field  ( not a custom field)  in the Walmart section is SD product page, so what is that? this field also won't save any value properly.

    I assume this is a bug or bugs. I opened a ticket , we will see

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