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In Progress

Ability to remove old main instances of channels and unused channels

 Presently you cannot remove channels you are not using if it's considered the "main" channel. We've evolved through several eBay stores and no longer use or original/first ebay channel, but we cannot hide/remove it. Same goes for Shopify... we actually NEVER used our first Shopify store as it wasn't configured correctly and use a "Shopify 2" channel, but cannot hide/remove the original.

We don't use Mangeto or Walmart but those channels are still present.

We'd like the ability to hide/remove unused channels. If 1 instance of each channel HAS to exist (maybe that could be phase 2, removing that requirement) then at the least we'd like to be able to designate some of our "Channel 2" or "Channel 3" stores as the "main" channel so we can remove the original, unused channel.

  • Hi Matt -

    This is being fixed as we move each channel into our new V3 interface. I believe Shopify and BigCommerce are being converted over in the next 3-4 weeks, and then eBay and Amazon, followed by Walmart and then others. Subject to change in the order.


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