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Facebook Marketplace Integration


I am wondering if integration with Facebook Marketplace is on the road-map of things coming to SureDone. I think it would be a great channel for companies to sell on. I know that other multi-channel platforms have this capability.


  • Hi James - Yes, it's on the roadmap. Currently there are only two other companies authorized to connect to Facebook Marketplace but we have been accepted into their program. However, once we release it, it will be a very limited program for a while with Facebook selecting which companies participate (we won't be allowed to open it up to our general customer base for a while). Stay tuned.

  • Any news about the release?

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  • It is currently in beta. If any SureDone customer is interested in participating, please open a support ticket and let us know. Facebook is not yet accepting P&A unless it's things like clothing or non-fitment related products.

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