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Manually add local/in store orders

I'd love to see a feature where I could manually upload (as well as use CSV) all my in store/local pickup orders. 

To us, the SureDone platform is our central system to track inventory, track sales for book keeping, and orders for shipping. It would be nice to upload orders manually that we have from local sales, that way we can have inventory be updated systematically still, when we sell something. And also to have all of our orders for book keeping in one place, we have to keep a separate paper record for local sales and would love to keep them in the same place we have our online orders from the webstore and ebay/amazon/etc platforms.

  • Hi Tony -

    You can currently add orders directly in the UI via the order page (Add Order button). Our API also supports the ability to add orders via an array (it's in our old documentation at - search for "array(order=>SD13097689151690,total=>9.99," on the page). I've passed along the request for CSV to our dev group.


  • This feature is live - you may add new manual orders directly in the SureDone interface.

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