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Keyword Search for Items WITHIN categories in Webstore instead of ALL items.

Right now the search bar functionality on our Website/Webstore searches the entire site when you are looking for items with your keywords. But it would be nice to be able to search for items within a category once you've selected the category of interest. 

It could automatically change from searching all items on the website when your on the home page (no category chosen) to searching within a category (once you've clicked on the category of choice), but also has a drop down next to the bar that you can change to search "ALL Items"

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  • This is actually possible using JavaScript in your template. We currently do something similar for customers needing automotive fitment (finding parts that fit a year, make and model of a vehicle). 

    As an example, if you have Store Category 1 set to "Beverages", you could search your storefront by appending /search?q=category:=beverages to your URL. The JavaScript magic is that you create a dropdown next to your search bar, and detect a form submission (like clicking search) and use JavaScript to append the /search?q=category:=categoryname to the URI before actually submitting it.

    Our professional services team can also help you implement this if you need assistance in the actual coding.

  • This would be very helpful, If there is no additional cost in implementing, I would love the help. Otherwise, I think it would be a great idea for development to put in their next push. 

  • Our professional services team does charge for the work they do but it tends to be pretty reasonable. Otherwise, you'll need to hire your own developer to modify your storefront template.

  • great idea! lets see this get pushed next in dev!

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