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Links still populating in google with only pictures of a sold/dead listing

We have been having an issue where people are searching for certain products we have had in our inventory at one point in time but have sold. For some reason they are still finding a link to our suredone website on google, where the link is our website for some reason that /media tab is just a link that holds pictures of the item we used to have. Customers constantly are calling asking why there is no pricing on these items they find, and get pretty frustrated with us when we have to tell them we no longer have it available. This "Feature" is negatively impacting our website, and despite whether a customer can understand if this was not something on our end, they still walk away frustrated thinking they had found what they were looking for. It also affects our website SEO with a higher bounce rate when they are finding the page and leaving so quickly. Any help to remove this function would be wonderful!

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