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SD improvement suggestions

1. MOST IMPORTANT - lock the cost on products when an orders is placed. The product cost changing on existing orders when a product cost is upgraded at a later date is not only a problem for reporting but is a potential IRS and BOE audit nightmare waiting to happen. The cost field on an existing orders can not under any circumstances change once the order is submitted as it does now.

2. Break up the "shipdetails" field into individual fields

3. For the fields in the orders export that are affected by multi quantity orders separate the individual values with a usable character instead of the catch all "*" which can not be used with find replace. <, >, ^, |, /, :, ;  any character will work except for the one you selected.

4. Allow for custom fields to be created that are a sum from formulas of other fields. Example: minimumsale = sum of cost + fees + shipping + packing + markup. This will allow a quick glance field for pricing or selling to avoid a loss.

5. Add additional quantity sold fields. Currently their is only "totalsold". Add: thismonth, lastmonth, thisyear, lastyear

6. Add shippaid, channelfeespaid, paymentfeespaid fields in products. The fields should be a defined calculation from orders and be an average of the total amount paid for each type divided by the number of transactions for the specific guid. Should have option when setting them up to pick length of time for sample. (month, quarter, year.), include or exclude orders outside the 48, include or exclude orders whom paid for upgraded shipping.

7. Add manual entry fields for package cost

8. Add the ability to mark specific orders as "do not count in reports". Large one off orders, liquidation sales, warranty shipments, etc.. that should not be counted towards general sales reports need a way to be excluded.

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