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Sort Business Policies Alphabetically for add/edit product UI

I have several Business Shipping Policies and it is a pain to select the correct one in the editor.

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  • Just my 2 cents, it would REALLY be nice if all Suredone drop downs were sorted alphabetically. I find dropdowns in the UI quite painful to manage. 

  • I would add to this to say that anytime there is a dropdown UI menu in Suredone, the menu should sort alphabetically. The poster is correct, painful is an accurate characterization of this bug. The data is there, yes, but NOT user friendly. 

  • In addition to being able to sort drop downs alphabetically, the ability to remove items from the drop downs that are not used is a needed feature. This will work best if on a per user basis not on an account wide basis. Especially in the export fields section.

    Secondly in regards to the shipping policies, if you remove one from the sales channel, it still shows in SD. There may be a way to correct this but I have not found it yet.


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