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Need a way to search for items that are not in Amazon


We have recently ran into an issue with ASIN's that made us think a chunk of our products were live on Amazon because they had an ASIN associated with them. It turned out after looking further into them that they never actually made it to our Amazon Seller Central account due to an issue with the ASIN that caused an error code.

With that being said, it would be excellent if there were something built into Suredone that allowed us to search by items that were actually not live in Seller Central even if they have an ASIN on the sku. This would allow us to ensure all of our products were live and for sale without having to look at them one by one.

The reason this is difficult unlike ebay is due to Amazon's hour plus wait time after you create an item before it goes to Seller Central. If we are listing a lot of products it is extremely inconvenience to go back the next day to look over them in Seller Central to make sure each one went live.

So if there was a way for Suredone to tell users which items were not in Seller Central at all it would help sellers be able to work on those items to either fix errors, input data needed to push them live, or possibly request permission to sell in categories that maybe Amazon wasn't letting them sell in.

Hopefully this makes sense.

However we do currently have a saved search that looks for all items that do not have an ASIN associated with them. We just need a search for items that are literally not on Amazon Seller Central whether than is an ASIN associated with the SKU or not.

This would make our life much easier!


Jared Powell

  • I second this request.

    We currently export our full list of amznasin:>0 in SD then export our full Amazon inventory and match the lists. We do this once per week. With 70K+ skus it is time consuming to wait for the reports. A field named amznact that could be queried would allow to find and fix only those items in need. It will decrease the load on the SD platform exporting complete lists and reduce labor for SD users.

  • So, little known fact.

    4 times a day we'll pull statuses for your items from Amazon and update them. This is because, when we list, Amazon doesn't always tell us whether it was successful or not - so we do our own independent verification.

    You can do a search for amznstatus:"inactive" to see what items there may be an issue with. You should wait 12 hours before you do this search so that our "independent verification" has definitely run.

    I've added a feature request to add amznstatus to the list of displayable fields but I don't have feedback yet for when it will be implemented.

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