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Kit Bundling Feature

We love the idea of the kit/bundling feature but unfortunately our current setup won't allow us to use it.

We use Ship Station and we post all of our orders from Shipstation into our point of sale system here at our physical location. We also use Ship Station to print our pick list each day for orders that need to go out. This keeps our online inventory in sync with our brick and mortar location.

Currently kit/bundled items go into Ship Station as one sku rather than each independent item that is included with the kit.

This causes two problems.

1. It makes it difficult to pull the correct items that go with the kit when we print our Ship Station pick list because it does not show which exact items to pull.. You have to go look at what all is in that kit so that you pull the correct items. It would be much easier if the items went into Ship Station as the individual sku's so our pickers pull the correct items.

2. Since we do not have these "kits" that are setup in Suredone in our point of sale program in our store, when the sales post from Ship Station our point of sale does not recognize the sku so it does not know which items to sell out of our point of sale. If the individual skus were in Shipstation it would still sell out the correct items when we post our sales each day.

We would love to be able to sell kits, but until this change happens unfortunately we won't be able to do so.

Thanks for the consideration.

Jared Powell

Insane Paintball/Airsoft

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