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Manual Refresh/Pull Orders

There are times when I am close to deadline to get orders shipped and I see an order or two that I want to get out tonight but has not became available yet in SureDone. Having to wait till next cycle we may miss getting out tonight. If it is Friday, then it won't go out till Monday.

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  • I don't use Suredone to manage my orders. However, there is absolutely value to being able to tell suredone to manually refresh/pull orders and or products from online marketplaces.


  • We have also found this to be an issue, especially on ebay with a buyer has a delayed payment, it can take as much as 8 hours for the next pull to bring it into SD.  The buyer may not have realized their payment was going to have a delay in completion, so they really don't like waiting longer when it finally does clear payment. 

    The same seems to be fore Amazon, although that wait time is generally closer to 30 minutes or less in most circumstances.  I wish there was a manual way to pull the orders from each site when we are at the point of finishing up.  It would make us more efficient and have less wait times for our clients. 


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