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Customer states "I added to cart, but it says cart empty"

Over the years I have gotten this complaint several times. In the last month I have had a surge of complaints.  "I added the item to my cart, but it says cart empty.  I can't buy the item" 

I have opened tickets with suredone and they state it is user error or outdated browser.  This may be a result of more and more people using mobile devices.  

SO, has anyone else had this issue?  

  • YES... this is SO ironic that you have posted this! We were recently considering re-doing our site too... we have customers contacting us having problems with checkout... including unable to use the cart/empty cart.

  • Yes - we've received several tickets about this over the past several months. The issue that we have is that we don't have the data to reproduce it. It's kind of like bringing your car into the shop and when you get there, everything works. We've tried the pages with many different browser types - new and very old - but can't get it to break. Until we can get it to break, we have no idea where the problem actually is. It seems like 99% of the sales go through just fine, and then every so often this issue pops up - and I'm sure only certain people are actually complaining so it's probably happening more than we know. I really apologize for the responses from support, but they are really REALLY trying everything they can to figure this out. And it's very much on my radar.

    We could really use your help here as I have ZERO interest in our customers losing sales. That's the opposite of customer success, and my role in the company is to put a smile on your face. If there's any way you can help us narrow down the circumstances when this happens it would be hugely appreciated. The browser and version the customer was using. What specific item they had in their cart. The quantity of the item. We need more info to track this down.


    Chris Labatt-Simon

    VP of Customer Success


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