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Additional Static and Selection Fields for the SD Products Data Base in Order to Reduce Duplication of Research, Reduce Instances of Sale Loss, Decrease Human Errors, Increase Speed to Reprice and Move Towards Pricing Automation.

By adding several selection (pull down) fields and several static (manual entry) fields into the products sections of the SD catalog, the usefulness and value of the SD platform will increase regardless of the industry. Some of these fields exist in some form however are either non functional or need some adjustment

Pull Down Selection Fields. These should have a section in the "Settings" Allowing each company to select their own options.

Packaging Type

Primary Shipment Method - 48 State

Primary Shipment Method - US non 48 State

Primary Shipment Method - International

Express Shipment Method - 48 State

Supplier Fulfillment Method

Static Selection Fields. These are empty boxes that can be filed on screen one at a time or via bulk upload from csv. files.

Primary Supplier

Primary Supplier Drop Ship Fee

Primary Supplier Shipping Fee

Import Fee

Packaging Cost

Sales Channel Fee (% or $, field for each channel)

Estimated Primary Shipping Fee - 48 State

Estimated Primary Shipping Fee - US non 48 State

Estimated Primary Shipping Fee - International

Estimated Express Shipping Fee - 48 State

DIM Weight Divisor
Per Shipment Estimated Labor Cost

Size and weight fields need to be broken out to packaged and un-packaged fields. Un-packaged fields can be used for future expansion of packaging selection automation. Packaged fields are to be used in shipping cost calculations.

Automated Fields

Estimated Sale Break Even Value (per shipping method and per channel) - This will be an addition of all costs and fees entered in the related fields. They should display in a grid form for easy reference to allow easy pricing of each channel.

This will also be the primary reference for future upgrades to automated pricing logic similar to PriceSpectre, AppEagle or WisePrice but built into the SD platform.

DIM Weight.This field should auto fill when LxWxH  and DIM Weight Divisor fields are populated. If the DIM weight is greater than the actual weight then it should override the feeds to the sales channels for listed weight. This will prevent shipping fee charge errors and will keep the data clean.

Average Shipping Costs - The system already has shippaid in the exports. This data can be taken and displayed in a small chart showing the average paid shipping cost (total ship paid / number of shipments). Ideally this would have some filters such as ship to location, ship method, single or multiple quantity.

Average Channel Fees - This is also available in the SD system under orders exports. It is however buried with other data. This will also need some filters such as single or multiple quantity.

By adding a few data fields and manipulating the already existing fields, the SureDone platform can provide exponential time savings by reducing duplicate work. This will increase available resources for seller allowing them to concentrate on growth not maintenance.  



  • A few more suggestions for the reporting module.

    Sales Velocity reports

    Sales Differential Reports showing positive or negative change in quantity of sales over selected period of time. Example: Difference in the number of items sold in the last 30 days vs the previous 30 days. Display top 10 (or all in export or on screen) by increase and decrease. 

    An on screen "top 10" summary list on the home page that shows items sold at a loss or highest profit based on previous break even report suggestion.

    A field for "date last checked" should also be on all items that can be filtered out. It is similar to the updated date field however it would allow the user to select date. This can then be a selection field in any reports to exclude or include products already looked at. Once a user gets past 1000 products it becomes a problem to insure none are overlooked.

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