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eBay Category is coming back as an error*

I am having the issue with the eBay categories still, where a handful are coming back with an error saying that they are not valid for US eBay.  

A few months back they did something on eBay (without telling anyone of course), and rearranged and added a bunch of categories to the chain tree searching option.  When this happened SureDone was unable to find many of them.  Since then you guys have seemed to fix the ability to find them on your category search, although many of them still do work as valid selections.  Is this going to be fixed soon, I am having to put many of my items into the wrong category (the generic MRO one) as a result.

Thank you

  • Hi Jason -

    We have done significant work on updating our eBay categories over the past few months. Hopefully this has solved your issues.


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