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Promo Code - Autofill method

We would love to have a method for auto filling the promo code field on the checkout page by appending a url with a code/promo code.


  • We have a landing page offering a promo code.
  • When clicking on the link to the product, the promo code would be saved for the session.
  • When arriving at the cart, the promo code will automatically be filled in on the form and be reflected in the order summary/pricing.
Example Link might look like:
This example would be a little more secure as you would have to know a code of some sort that can be assigned when creating the promo code.

I was unable to use cookies for this because checkout was on subdomain

Optionally: On the checkout page have an image hosted on the subdomain that I can use that I can apply a cookie to from our main domain. (not sure if this would work but my homework suggests I can use javascript to to apply a cookie to another sub domain)

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