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Custom Fields

When you are in any item in your inventory on suredone, the custom fields on the bottom should only populate with the ones that have values in them. The others should be selected from the drop down. This keeps it a cleaner look and only shows what you need to see. Having the ones with no values displayed and the ones needed that have values in the drop down doesnt make sense to hide the ones you need. If you guys can fix this issue.



  • Not sure if I agree with this idea. I have dozens of custom fields on my Suredone. Let's suppose I have Widget A that has a custom color of RED and Widget B that has nothing in the custom color field due to user error. 

    According to your suggestion, the custom field for Widget A would display to my users, but not for the Widget B. My users might never recognize that Widget B is missing any color information because they technically never see the field. In this case, it is better for my staff to see the field with no data in it. 

    I agree with your point that having fields with no values displayed and ones with values not showing does not make sense. For that point I would suggest that the USER should determine which fields can be seen (not a global setting for ALL users). At least if there is no value in the field, the user can see that make a decision to correct that field.

    I also agree with the point that efforts should be made to make Suredone cleaner, especially when we are talking about custom fields. It "feels" like ease of use or flexibility was sacrificed for functionality.


  • I can agree maybe it should not be a global settings change but maybe a user (preference change). Do you know if they plan to fix this soon?


  • We definitely monitor this forum for ideas for future releases. Some of them will be planned for and some won't - but we love customer driven recommendations. We actually just brought on several more people into our dev group so we should see a lot more updates over the next several quarters.

    Chris Labatt-Simon

    VP of Customer Success


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