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Reports, reports, reports

One of our goals is to add significant reporting capabilities into the SureDone platform. Please feel free to add recommendations to this topic on types of reports you would find helpful. If you can be as specific as possible and/or give examples we'd appreciate it!

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  • Yes please please!!  We need custom order reports, when I do an order export I have to take all the orders (entire history) and data fields you provide but we do not need most of the info and would like to just export dates needed not an entire history.  

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  • Report features "needed"

    Sales trending. 

    Selection fields can be same as the current search bar for orders or products. Most people are not good at SQL query request based on previos comments on this string so makeing it more layment interactive might be a good idea (but not needed)

    The report should provide

    sales change in specific date increment (up or down for 7-15-30-45-60-90-180-365 days) for a specific date range. Example if I say 7 day increment for a 30 day date range it should report back the number of sales for the requested guids in each of the 7 days clusters for the 30 days date range selected in either a bar graph for screen display or a csv exportable table. This will help identify high selling products with a decline in sales that require attention.

    This type of trend can be applied to any search field not only guid. States, countries, brand, keyword, price range, etc....

    This is very similar to your front page overview graphs but with parameters of the users choosing.

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  • Hi, On the dashboard it shows the sales tax graph is there a way to get a sales tax report so We know how much tax was collect so we can pay the state.
    would need this type of report if it is not available. Not sure why a graph would be provided if there is no way for us us get the amounts in a report


  • I like the reports on the front page. It would be AMAZING if there was one for product costs and sales to be able to track sales margins!

    I also agree with hank, if there was some sort of way for us to customize given information on a graph. 

  • Click on the magnifying glass.

    (This is to get June Sales for 2016) Search for:  date:>20160531 date:<20160701

    Press enter key

    wait (not long)

    Click on "+export" once the result show on your screen

    wait until you get the email with link to the report or go to >Products>export>exports tab and under recent exports will be a csv file.

    open the csv file, sort by "oid"

    look at the date of sale column and delete out any days you do not want

    look at the sales tax column and there you go.

    When you are in the file if you select the whole sheet, go to the data tab in excel and click on the filter tab you can then narrow the result by date, state, paid tax, or what ever column you want.

  • There is a way to export the sales to make a sales tax payable report.

    Click on the magnifying glass

    search for: "date:>20160531 date:<20160701"

    Once the results are on the screen click on the middle button the left "+EXPORT"

    You will get an email with the report or you can go to the export results page and pull it.

    Once you have the report which will be in CSV, you can sort, filter and manipulate in excel as needed.

  • Eric Murphy - Fees are in the "shipdetails" column. It is easy to seperate just the fees portion with the find/replace feature in excel.

  • I would be very useful if we could have the search allow you to compare the value in one field to the value of another.  We have setup reorder threshold and reorder quantity fields and could easily export out a reorder file if we could compare our current stock field to pull all items that are > or = the reorder threshold field.  Having this be a report where we could select the vendor would be even better. 

  • We would love the ability to search the values of one field against the values of another to create a reorder report/export.  We have setup custom fields ReorderThreshold and ReorderQTY.  In the search it would be great if we could search stock:<ReorderThreshold.  This would allow us to export items to reorder and we would use the value we have set in the ReorderQTY as the quantity we want to reorder. 

  • The field shipdetails contains much useful information that can assist in all sorts of reporting to make your platform better. Separating these items, even if mostly hidden can result in more robust reporting and more intuitive automation logic.


    I know you are working on some sort of reporting module so I wanted to share some suggestions. Specifically the fields within the shipdetails field of interest are:







    itemfee and feeorcredit can be used along with shippaid, cost and itemtotal can be used to calculate margins, markups price saleprice min and max prices in a repricer algorithm. If properly constructed reporting and features these could use can be a very strong selling point to bring on new clients and keep existing ones. Several of your competitors now offer automated repricing, velocity reporting, real time gross and net profitability per item, per channel, as a whole, by date, by supplier, by product, etc.


    ebayuserid:  Most eBay user can rarely communicate anything when they call to help identify themselves other than the user id. It would be helpful to have it broken out and visible in the orders and searchable.


    transactionid: When processing a refund with PayPal it is significantly faster to search by this id number. Having it also eliminates the possibility of refunding an incorrect order that is cancelled or returned. It may also allow you to build in a PayPal refund functionality right into your system.

  • In reference to the totalsold field.

    In reports have the option to show a guid by total sold by month. The you can pull that data into predetermined graphs, reports, alerts and charts displaying trends. System alerts should be able to be set for increases or decreases by current period against previous same range period or against average over last x months. 

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