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Shipping Dimensions Limit

Lately we've had a recurring issue with the shipping dimensions (length x width x height) of our eBay listings. One of our users incorrectly added a very large number (over 1,000) into one of the fields. This item later sold via eBay and was imported into our 3rd party shipping platform - which wrought an incredible amount of havoc because the platform was not setup to support such large dimensions. 

Most shipping methods are limited by the dimensions they will accept, but some, such as USPS Priority Flat Rate, are not. Since carriers will typically not touch a shipment over a certain size, would it be possible to cap, or give us the option to cap, the shipping dimensions at a specified amount? Or to add restrictions on methods that don't already have them? Thank you.

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  • Rather then "cap" dimension, adding a default package (which would have weight and dimensions linked to it) would resolve this. If the dimensions of a specific item are large than the selected product dimensions then it would not allow it to be saved until corrected. Adding dimensions without a predetermined package could also error it out the other way. Clean data is the key but does not always happen.

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