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List to Amazon using UPC in single listings.

Most platforms we have used allow us to use the UPC (which we typically have already on hand) rather then having to go and search for the ASIN, when listing to Amazon, several even will show examples and selling prices from amazon (within platform).

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  • You might already know, but you can use this site as a web service to get the ASIN:

    Getting the UPC from the ASIN is a lot trickier - finally got that to work with a complex PHP script after subscribing to AWS services.

  • David,

    Thanks for that.. we typically just search amazon but it would be nice if this was just built in like many other platforms.. we have used a couple that even return a photo and 5 or so sellers sale price.

  • Thanks.. just wish it were built in like other platforms.  Some we have used will even show a photo and other sellers asking prices within listing platform.


  • There are few sites that convert from asin and to asin. I use this one: , It gives you to conver ASIN to EAN,UPC and others, and vice versa.Also, this is probably the only site the give you the option to perform bulk conversion for free (although only up to 10 items at a time). for example try this upc to asin bulk lookup:
    Hope this helps.


  • You can use this to convert:  http://www.asinlab.comI find this pretty useful: json formatter

  • also has a free tool as well to help automate that listing process.

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