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Need different gallery images on each ebay account and google shopping

 Hello. We need to apply different images to each ebay account for gallery pictures. Also we need to use different images for google shopping as they cant look like our ebay gallery pics.

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  • Totally agree with this.   Different image requirements make this an important feature to add.

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  • Would really help a lot. Need to make sure our google feeds are accepted.


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  • 100% Agree - Ebay "MAIN" images are much different than those required for amazon, and website.

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  • I got a note that this was planned.   This was excellent news.  SureDone listens and adapts.  What more can we ask for.

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  • So great to hear. Thanks for the great service.


  • Totally agree. Waiting for it. 

  • Yes. Please implement this for Ebay. It would be very helpful for us.

  • This is now on our roadmap for eBay. Once I get a date I'll update this information.

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