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I think the SD Platform needs to move into a more comprehensive service. It is a great way to manage listings, however, we are hoping it can become a platform for information too. We are hoping SD can develop better REPORTS such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly sales. By product, by category, by channel. Some basic reporting tools that virtually every other channel listing/management platform provides.

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  • This would be great and I have thought about it many times. This would really help me more easily determine which products are selling well. 

  • This would be great especially if we could pull in fees from channels (similar to sellervantage) so that we can get accurate accounting reports for sales.

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  • As all the data is already in SD and only needs some manipulation.

    To keep users happy, do not allow "make your own report". Create specific reports for which users can select the parameters. (guid, supplier, cost range, date range, channel, keyword, product type, brand, etc...).

    As users want different reports SD can analyze if it will be a useful for all project and roll out new report options on a regular basis to increase value to the platform. This will also allow for the scaling of the interface to prevent users from requesting every report every day which could lead to a bottleneck issue or worse.

  • For many small businesses, the time it takes to grab the data the old fashion way and make a report is time consuming. In the very least, SD platform should have the industry standard reports for sales, profit/loss, inventory, orders, etc. The platform has NONE when virtually all of the competiton has them. SD advertises as an "Enterprise" platform, but it honestly is not quite there yet. We like the platform, but the rollouts have been very slow, and few. Hoping they will be ramping it up sooner than later.

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