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How to Configure Walmart Shipping Templates

As of April 2021 Walmart is requiring sellers to leverage Shipping Templates  to manage product shipping services. By default, Walmart will apply your default shipping template to your entire catalog.

To set a default shipping template and fulfillment center in SureDone, copy the IDs from the Walmart Seller Center and enter them into the SureDone Walmart settings interface. Note: both a Shipping Template ID and Fulfillment Center ID are required to send shipping templates to Walmart via integration.


Setting Your Walmart Shipping Template ID in SureDone

  1. Navigate to Settings > Shipping Templates

  2. Make sure you are viewing the shipping template you want to use as your default in SureDone - which does not have to be the default shipping template in Walmart (you can follow the directions here to add or modify your shipping template). While we've blurred out the number on this image for privacy, the number next to ID is the shipping template ID you need to fill in on SureDone.

  3. Go to your Walmart settings in SureDone (Channels > Walmart) and enter this number into the Default Shipping Template ID field.

  4. Continue to the next section to get your Fulfillment Center ID

Setting Your Walmart Fulfillment Center ID in SureDone

This section assumes you have only one "Fulfillment Center" set up in your Walmart account. If you will be using multiple fulfillment centers, see the next section of this guide.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Seller Fulfillment (or, if you're already in the Shipping Templates section, click on the "Fulfillment Centers" tab.

  2. If you've already set up a fulfillment center, go to the next step. Otherwise, follow the directions here to add a new fulfillment center.
  3. Go to "Bulk Updates" in the left menu.

  4. Click on "Fulfillment & Shipping Template IDs". In the box that pops up, make sure Fulfillment Centers is selected and copy the Fulfillment Center ID for the center you'd like to use in SureDone.

  5. Go to your Walmart settings in SureDone (Channels > Walmart) and enter this number into the Default Fulfillment Center ID field.

  6. Click Submit to save your changes.

Using Multiple Walmart Shipping Templates and Walmart Fulfillment Centers

For more advanced use cases where you need to support multiple shipping templates and/or fulfillment centers across your catalog, you may create custom field for the Walmart shipping template ID and fulfillment center ID and map them in the settings. This should be a varchar field type. See the How to: Map Walmart Fields guide for more information.

During listing creation, SureDone will send the values for the fields mapped to Shipping Template ID and Fulfillment Center ID, and fall back to the values in the settings as a default. If you need to update or refresh the shipping template on Walmart, be sure to include values for the shipping template in your requests or trigger the action "relist" for a full refresh.

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