To authorize a Walmart instance, go to the Plugin Settings page (Settings > Plugins). Select Walmart, and then create a new Walmart instance.

Before you can enter your Consumer ID and Private Key, you will need to go to your Walmart Seller Central account and get those values. 

These fields can be found in your Walmart seller center by clicking the gear in the upper right and clicking the Consumer IDs & Private Keys link:

Once you click that, you should be able to copy your Consumer ID and regenerate your Private Key:

After you get those values, you can put them in their appropriate fields in your Walmart Plugin Settings

Then you can click Authorize to successfully link your Walmart instance to SureDone. 

Please note if you change your Walmart seller center password, you may have to regenerate your Walmart private key and reauthorize any associated Walmart instances inside SureDone.

During beta testing, you may also have to enter SureDone's Walmart Channel Type on the authorization page. The channel type is 3d0d128e-52d0-423e-8f0b-bd3d2cf2a641 .