To add a Google Shopping instance and authorize it please go through the following steps:

1. Go to Settings > Plugins > Google Shopping and turn on the toggle:

2. Click on Authorize to login via Google and start the authorization process. Verify that the user is connected to the Google Merchant Center that will be associated with the SureDone product catalog.

3. In order for this user to access orders in Merchant Center, you'll need both a) add the user to Google Merchant Center and b) grant this user the proper permissions to manager orders.

For enterprise level integrations, you may continue with the steps below and ignore entering you Merchant Center ID as it will be imported as part of the above step.

4. When the instance has been created, enter your Merchant Center ID and values for "client_email" and "private_key" from the downloaded content-api-key.json - read more in:

How To: Setup Google Shopping Actions. Once filled in, hit Authorize.

5. When Google is authorized, the following section will populate allowing custom fields to be mapped, product import, etc: