To use services offered by SDC, you can sign up for an account using SureDone as the data contact. We can then manage data exports for you from manufacturers you have a relationship with. Listing us as the data contact will allow our team to setup configure your data to export to your SureDone account.

To initiate this process, fill out the fields below and send it as an email to to Arlene Wood

Company Name (as you want to be listed):

Retail URL:

Primary Company Contact Name:
Primary Company Contact Title:
Primary Company Contact Email:
Primary Company Contact Office Phone#:
Primary Company Contact Mobile# (if available):

Data Contact Name: SureDone SDC Integration Support
Data Contact Title: Integration Engineer
Data Contact Email:
Data Contact Office Phone#: (877) 773-6755
Data Contact Mobile# (if available):

Ok to use your logo in advertising to manufacturers: Yes or No

About us (company description we can share with our Suppliers):

Purchasing relationships (When you request data from our Suppliers it helps to get approval if they can see which distributors or WD you buy from):

Once set-up, SureDone will have a separate login to your SDC account that can be used to configure data exports.