If you don’t yet have an account with SEMA Data Co-op, please sign up for one using the instructions at Signing up for an SDC (SEMA Data Co-op) account.

Once your account is set up, follow these steps to import products from a manufacturer into your SureDone account and also keep them up to date.

Step 1: Create an Export Template for products

If you want the same fields exported from each manufacturer, you can perform this step only once and use the template for each manufacturer for which you want to import data.

Log into your SDC member portal (SureDone staff performing this tasks will log in using the data contact account).

Navigate to the Exports section.

And create a template with the following options:

Since this is a custom export, you get to choose the detailed fields that should be included. Don't include fitment data.

Make sure to include at least the following fields so SureDone can import the data:

  • B05 Base Item Number (maps to the mpn field on SureDone)
  • B10 Item-Level GTIN (maps to the gtin field on SureDone)

Optional fields that are common to include:

  • B20 Brand AAIAID (maps to the brand field on SureDone)
  • C10_ABR Product Desc (maps to the longdesc field on SureDone)
  • D15_RET Retail (maps to the price field on SureDone)
  • D15_RMP Retail Minimum Advertised Price (maps to the Custom MAP field, check MAP Field in eBay settings or MAP in Amazon XML Mapping > Price Fields)

Note: Use only the fields you need, as the amount of data generated by selecting all is too large and errors out.

Now, hit save, and you're done! You can use this template to create exports for each manufacturer.

Step 2: Create an export for a single manufacturer

Navigate to the Exports section of the SDC portal.

Select your export template from Step 1 and use the Bulk Copy button to create exports for each manufacturer.

Select which manufacturers and data sets you want to export using the template:

And set up a naming convention that just uses the Brand Name, then click Submit New Exports:

Now you have created an export that will run whenever the manufacturer's data changes:

Step 3: Create a SureDone Automation

Once the export is created in SDC, you're ready to set up the SureDone automation to pick up this manufacturer's data whenever it is exported. You'll need one automation config for each data export you have in SDC.

Use the following automation template, but replace the username, password , name, and field_map entries with appropriate values:

    "vendor": "SDC",
    "name": "Products Import (PIES) for - NAME OF MANUFACTURER",
    "type": "products",
    "action": "import",
    "schedule": "0 3,15 * * *",
    "active": false,
    "connection": {
        "type": "sftp",
        "address": "sftp.suredone.com",
        "username": "your_username",
        "password": "your_password",
        "path": "/ftp/sdc/",
        "port": 22
    "file_configs": [
            "regex": "/SDC_BHXS_PIES_(.*).TXT/",
            "identifier": "mpn",
            "field_map": {
                "mpn": "B05 Base Item Number",
                "gtin": "B10 Item-Level GTIN",
                "brand": "B20 Brand AAIAID",
                "quantity": "B32 Item Quantity Size",
                "longdescription": "C10_ABR Product Desc",
                "price": "D15_RET Retail",
                "msrp": "D15_RMP Retail Minimum Advertised Price"
            "update": "edit",
            "delimiter": "|",
            "delete_remote_file": true

Once your automation is created, you can import the initial data by manually running the SDC export. Just select the export and hit Run Now:

The SureDone automation will pick up the data according to the schedule above and issue a bulk upload to import it into your account. Verify this bulk upload exists after the next scheduled run, and verify that once the bulk upload is completed, the products appear in your account.