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Setting up SkuVault in SureDone:

You can get SkuVault integrated with SureDone in a few easy steps.

  1. In SureDone, go to Settings > Plugins > SkuVault.  

  2. Switch the Integration setting to ON by clicking the Radio button next to SkuVault Integration. It will turn blue when on. 
  1. Obtain the Authorization tokens from SkuVault. 

  • Login to SkuVault at https://app.skuvault.com
  • Add /admin/integrations/shipworks to the URL when logged in so it looks like this: https://app.skuvault.com/admin/integrations/shipworks
    • note: the tokens here say Shipworks, but they are the same tokens used for SureDone
  • Click on the Tokens Tab.
  • Copy the Company Token into the Tenant Token in SureDone.
  • Copy the User Token into the same field in SureDone.
  1. The Default Import Price defaults to 1000. Change if desired. 
  2. If you use kits, confirm that Import Kits is ON, otherwise it may be switched off. 
  3. Refresh all the SkuVault data drop-downs, to pull in lists for Brands, Suppliers, etc. 

  4. Turn on Automatic Import. 
  5. Submit Settings.
  6. After initial import finishes, you may turn on the Inventory Sync to start automatically importing products from SkuVault.

Please see section 12.3 Managing SkuVault Plugin Settings for more information on each of these settings. 

Important Considerations

  • When importing into SureDone, the following product fields from SkuVault are required:
    • SKU – maps to guid
    • Description – maps to title
  • If you do not control price with SkuVault, a default price of $1,000 will be added to each item, in order to avoid the potential of listing a zero value item. 
  • If the GUID already exists in SureDone, the product will not be imported or updated.  
    • Please use the bulk export/upload functionality for making changes. See the articles on Bulk functionality in Section 14.
  • If the product is new to SureDone, the products will be saved in 'Draft' status so that an edit is required prior to listing them across multiple channels.
  • The Scheduled import is a on-time load of product data, it can be used as an alternative to Automatic Import if a greater control of product data is required.