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Managing SkuVault Plugin Settings

There are several features of the SkuVault integration with SureDone that allow you to customize how the two applications work together to best manage your inventory. To manage your settings, go to:

Settings > Plugins > SkuVault.


  • Default Import Price
    • This is the price that will be used for imported Products & Kits that do not have a price in SkuVault.
    • Defaults to $1,000 to avoid a zero value item being listed
    • Note: kits do not have prices in SkuVault. Click here for more information on using Kits with SkuVault.

  • Import Kits ON/OFF
    • When ON, SureDone will import kits & products. If it is OFF, SureDone will only import products.
    • Default is ON

  • Automatic Import ON/OFF
    • When ON, SureDone will run an import every 10minutes.
    • Imports will only update the inventory and warehouse location information.
    • If updates need to be made to existing listings, please use the bulk export/upload feature. Click here for the Bulk Guides.
    • When this feature is OFF, products will not import until an import is scheduled.
    • Default is OFF

  • Last Sync Time 
    • This allows the user to manually control what is synced from SkuVault to SureDone
    • When this is changed from DEFAULT, inventory values will be imported for all products whose “last change date” is after the value chosen
    • Sync Time options are:  

DEFAULT = Use the system stored Last Sync Time

This is usually 10minutes prior

NEVER = Treat the import/sync as if this was the initial import (search all the way back in history)

Note: all items and their current inventory values will be imported into SureDone from SkuVault if this has been chosen

1 DAY (24 hour period)

Only items that have changed within the past 24h will be selected and imported into SureDone


1 WEEK (7 days)


    • Once the sync runs, the sync will always revert back to the DEFAULT setting. 

  • Schedule Product Import ON/OFF
    • This option is for customers who are not using the Automatic import
    • When ON, SureDone will schedule a single SkuVault import that will run on the next sync cycle.
    • Note: all product changes since the last import will be captured, or if the Last Sync Time option is set, it will be based upon that
    • After the import, the setting will return to OFF.
    • Defaults to OFF

  • Sync Orders ON/OFF
    • When ON, SureDone will send order data to SkuVault every 30 mins.
    • Defaults to ON

  • Sync Inventory ON/OFF
    • When ON, SureDone will pull the latest inventory (for both products and kits) every 10 minutes.
    • Changes will be pulled based upon the “Last Sync Time” option (see above)
    • Inventory Sync will only occur when the GUID in SureDone matches the sku in SkuVault. In SureDone, this value is stored in the field skuvaultsku.
    • Defaults to OFF
    • Note: If inventory sync and import are both switched on then they will occur at the same time.