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How to Send Orders to SkuVault

There are a few settings in Settings > Plugins > SkuVault regarding how orders can interact with SkuVault: 

Push Orders - allows you to sync and push data to SkuVault from SureDone.

Send Only Storefront Orders - this setting only will ensure Storefront orders are sent 

Send Only Orders Matching Channels - Entering channel prefixes separated by comma, will ensure those orders will go to SkuVault. 

 Please note for the last two settings, only one can be chosen to be used. If other orders in addition to Storefront orders are to be sent, then Send Only Storefront Orders should be off and "storefront" added to Send Only Orders Matching Channels and add storefront to the comma separated list if storefront orders (or any other channels) are desired. The Send Only Orders Matching Channels and Push Only Storefront settings will conflict with each other if both are enabled and will prevent any orders from exporting. And in both cases, Push Orders must be set to on for anything to run.