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How it Works:

  1. An item is purchased from one of the channels and an order is generated.
  2. SureDone grabs the order from the channel.
  3. SureDone updates its stock levels to reflect the order quantity.
  4. SureDone then syncs all channels with the new stock number.
  5. SureDone sends the order data to SkuVault.
  6. SkuVault uses the information to make quantity and warehouse adjustments (for example if a kit is sold the quantity of the kit’s components are also updated).
  7. SkuVault sends inventory updates to SureDone every 10 minutes (updating both kit and component quantities).
  8. SureDone updates available quantities in all your channels, if different (for example component quantities will change when a kit is sold)

Important considerations:
  • Warehouse products should be managed from within SkuVault.
    • SkuVault holds the master inventory data, which feeds into SureDone.
    • New products should be created in SkuVault (and there is an option to automatically import into SureDone)
    • Inventory quantities will be passed from SkuVault to SureDone
  • With Auto Import ON, new products will be created automatically in SureDone
    • If you prefer not to use the Auto Import, turn it OFF and turn ON Schedule Product Import to schedule a time to bring new products into SureDone.
    • New products are created as drafts in SureDone when imported.
    • You can edit drafted products before listing them to all your channels.
  • SkuVault updates available quantities in SureDone every 10 minutes
  • Orders sync from SureDone to SkuVault.
    • Shipped Orders are not synced between SureDone and SkuVault.
    • Tracking numbers are not sent to SkuVault.
    • No order updates are sent from SkuVault to SureDone.