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Tips to Increase Performance in Suredone V2

Here are some quick tips to increase performance in Suredone Version 2:

  • On the all products page - make sure you show ONLY THE NECESSARY FIELDS. Every additional field makes the page take extra time to load
  • On the single item view, make sure that you aren't using huge pictures. Pictures should be less than 800k each - and preferably less than 100k. Save them as JPG files with large amounts of compression and make them no larger than 1200x1200 if possible. Remember that most people will not be able to see larger pictures in their browser anyway. Each of these pictures has to download to your computer when you load a product, so if you have several 2MB pictures this can take quite a bit of time.
  • Use the newest version of Google Chrome
  • Make sure you clear your browser cache and reset your machine

Note:  We continue to work on improving the performance of version 2.  Any major upgrades will be posted to our changelog:  http://www.suredone.com/product-updates/