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Relisting ended auction items on eBay

We currently handle relisting of eBay auction items manually - ie, we relist the item after the auction ends having not sold and after we have decided it should be relisted etc.  This relisting process is presently performed on eBay which means Suredone and eBay get out of sync so I would like transition to use Suredone to manage relistings in order that things stay in sync.

I am aware that we can set up automatic relisting but for a variety of reasons would prefer, for the moment, to use our existing process which is to do this manually.

However I am struggling to understand how to relist an ended auction item from Suredone ...

If I go to product (listed on ebay as an Auction item) on Suredone after the auction has ended and simply click "Relist/Publish Item" button I get warnings about a duplicate UUID.  Suredone seems to re-attach the original eBay ID to the product and displays this in the eBay section of the product which links (as one expects) to the item on eBay.  However, the item does not appear to be relisted as far as eBay is concerned and still shows as an ended item.

NOTE:  If I "disable" the product (before -Select Action- > Disable) and the click "Relist/Publish Item" the item is Re-listed as one might expect.  If I go to the original item it states that it has been relisted and the relisted item has a new eBay Item ID (as expected) and the product links to that new item.

Is there a way to easily relist ended eBay auction items from Suredone?  

Is it necessary to "Disable" products prior to relisting? If so, how does this impact items on other channels (eg Etsy)?

  • Hi Mike,

    We are working on a shared automation that will perform automatic relisting when you are ready and will report on this thread when its live.

    Meanwhile, it appears the issue you are having is one that should be addressed via support - if the listing is actually expired on eBay the duplicate UUID error shouldn't be returned.



  • Thanks for replying  Can I re-address my original question concerning ended eBay auction relistings as I am being told, by someone else, that there is no supported method of re-listing an item, from Suredone, for which the eBay auction has ended.  I am being told that the way to do this is, I should create a clone (using Create Similar) and list as a new product.  Obviously, this means the original Product is still in Suredone and I end up with two (or three, 4, 5 ...) depending on how many times the item is relisted.

    Can someone please confirm whether or not there is a supported means to relist an item on eBay for which the eBay auction has ended.  If there is, how is this done?

  • Hi Mike,

    It appears the issue you are having is one that should be addressed via support - if the listing is actually expired on eBay the duplicate UUID error shouldn't be returned. And relisting expired listings should be a standard action - I don't believe you need to clone the product. Let us know if you aren't getting the answers via the support ticket so we can clarify.



  • Thanks Jason

  • Hey Jason, any estimate to when that relisting automation update will be available?  It's a feature we really would like to have!  Thanks - Gabe

  • Thanks for the ping - we are aiming to have this automation live by end of March 2024.

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