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Creating searches on eBay items ...

I am trying to create some standard searches, for example, to list all active Buy-it-now items on eBay but constantly hit issues where it seems the field I want to use in a search is not searchable.

However, if i search for ebayid:>0 ebaylisting:=Chinese I get no results. It would seem that the field ebaylisting (screen column name "ebay listing type") is not a valid search field.

I have had this issue several times where fields that are displayed are not searchable.  Is there a definitive guide to which fields are/are not searchable as this is very frustrating?  Also, why does Suredone not give an error or warning rather than return no results.  It's pretty unfriendly.

  • Thanks for your feedback and acknowledge the user experience and guidance for searches as SureDone has expanded is lacking.

    Quickest way to think about this is for any channel, identifiers are searchable by key ie: ebayid:>0 ebaysku:=xyz

    Specifically for eBay, you may also search ebayprice ebaycatid  ebaytitle - for all other eBay attributes like "listing" try a search like ebayoptions:xyz 

    ie for your example ebayid:>0 ebayoptions:Chinese

  • Excellent. Thank you. 

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