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Magento two product attribute set values sync time


We have a few product attributes at magento two that have drop down type of input e.g. publisher, binding type and binding material, see following screenshot

And also same drop down list can be seen at Surdone's product information and magento two fields section as well

This all make sense that all the drop down type of product attribute displayed as drop down in suredone. The question I do have is, 

1. when these drop down values synced with Suredone from magento? 

2.  And if I add/delete any value in magento two for the any drop down type product attribute, then when and how those changes will reflect at suredone drop downs.

Thank you in advance.


Naveen Upadhyay

  • When updating the attributes, categories, and attribute sets in a Magento 2 instance, SureDone needs to be told to refresh their listings before they will show up in the products page and map properly. This process is the same for adding and deleting items.

    If you go to Channels > Magento Two, you will see a whole list of what SureDone sees as the Categories and Attribute Sets right now. Once the changes are made to the Magento 2 site, you can click the 'Refresh' button underneath those lists. Once done, click the 'Submit' button in the lower right to save the changes.

    Note that Attributes change along with Attribute Sets.

    Open up a fresh product page, or refresh the one you had open, and all the changes should now be in effect!



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