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Relist products to magento two using automation


I need to relist products from suredone to magento two channel using automation that include some logical conditions to list specific products.

I have understanding  that if products already listed to magento two store have magentotwosku value same as guid,  but right now I can see different results. See these two points

1. We only have 51K+ products with magentotwosku value available at suredone

2. While 200K + products available at our magento two store. ( We performed relist more than 200K products using bulk uploads on 10/08/21)

Please help me out to find a valid criteria for already magentotwo store listed products in suredone and let me know fixes of the current issue.

Or correct me if there are any other field or criteria that I need to search for already listed products.


Naveen Upadhyay

The Bible Outlet

  • Hello Naveen,

    Per our understanding - you goal is to sync all 200K+ products available at your Magento store with SureDone. Is that correct?

    If such cases - we recommend running channel imports via SureDone so a bulk file is generated in SureDone format - readily available to import all data in SureDone. However, considering the huge catalog size, we are not sure if Magento import will complete due to API throttling issues.

    Hence, we recommend you to run an export directly from your Magento Two account and then "force" the Magento identifiers like "magentotwosku", etc, in SureDone along-with all other Magento fields and product data. You simply need to create a bulk file in SureDone format with all Magento product data and upload it in SureDone with action=edit and skip all channels. This should help you sync all Magento listings data with items in SureDone.

    Let us know in case of any further queries Or open a support ticket with us.

    Thank you, Shivaji

  • Hello Shivaji,

    Thank you for your response. Here are the details about our requirements

    We have products that came to suredone from three different data slices let's call them A, B & C and those are also marked with data slice identifier at suredone as well while adding them to suredone. There are some products that overlap or coexist in all three or two data slices and their respective identifier help us for product availability in different data slices.

    In our requirement of magento two store we only list products from A & B data slice and skip any product that exist only in data slice C. 

    Our product data updated every week and in that process some new products also being added to Suredone from all three data slices.

    Now after listing all products(200K +)  of data slice A & B from Suredone to magento two store manually, we wish to list products to our magento two store via automation that are added weekly to suredone.

    To identify new products at suredone that are not previously listed to magento two store we need a search criteria and to do so earlier we were using MagentoTwoSku field of suredone.

    Rest of the story is there in my previous comment. Please suggest now, whether we can rely on magentotwosku field or not for searching products that are not yet listed at magento two store?

    Note- There are none of the products came from Magento two stores to suredone, we only send/list product from Suredone to magento two store.



  • Hello Naveen,

    Yes, you can rely on "magentotwosku" field to determine if the product is not yet listed on Magento Two store. However, the BLANK values for this field also indicate that item may be listed on Magento Two but not synced with SureDone yet (it's important to sync such items in SureDone for integration to work). Hope this makes sense! 

    We recommend setting the values for "magentotwoskip" field as below:

    For items with identifier as data slice A & B - ensure that "magentotwoskip" is set to ""alwaysSend"

    For items with identifier as data slice C - ensure that  "magentotwoskip" is set to ""alwaysSkip"

    Once above is done and confirmed, you can use below search query to find items from slice A & B that are not synced to Magento Two via SureDone Or never listed on Magento Two via SureDone. 

    magentotwoskip:=alwaysSend magentotwosku:=

    Hope this answers your query. Let us know in case of any further queries.

    Thank you, Shivaji 

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