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Seach products based on magentowo specific fields


I am looking for seach criteria that will give me products where magentotwo specific fields are empty.

e.g. I am trying this search query

(magentotwoprice:= magentotwotitle:= ) 

but above criteria doesn't return any product while those fields are empty in export and productslist view as well.

Is that means those fields are not searchable fields?

Background of requirement- right now for listing products at magento two store we have to manually create a bulk upload edit file with magento two specific fields and copy/paste values from respective suredone data fields.

We wish to create an automation that will do that work for us and to do so we first need to search products that doesn't have values at magento two fields and create a bulk update using automation to fill those fields.

Any help in regards of this is highly appericated.


Naveen Updahyay

The Bible outlet

  • Hello Naveen,

    Unfortunately, there are sub fields for Magento2 such as the ones requested that are not searchable via the search syntax.

    However, this may still accommodated via Automation Engine with vendor_actions or suredone_actions since the search operates on a separate constructs.

    I suggest you submit a support ticket with all the requirements and the team can confirm that this approach will meet all your requirements.



  • Thank you Jason,

    We get things working after adding filter at suredone_actions.



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