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Automation Issue

Hi, can someone please look into this automation?

Imported SKUs Inventory #1188

It runs without errors, but does not actually updates the inventory field ( custom field)


  • Hey Erno,

    Looking at the config, the connection is set up as such:

            "connection": {

                "type": "http",

                "method": "GET",

                "address": "http://[example-address].com/"


    But doing a GET call on the address in the config simply returns some HTML, as opposed to the file. To download the file, you'll need to include the proper URL or GET parameters in the "connection" part of the config to point to the specific file itself (this is in addition to the "name" parameter under file_configs). You can use any cURL or API client to test this for yourself.

    Hope this clarifies and let us know if you have any further issues with this automation!

    SureDone Product Team

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