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SEMA Automation #1179 not updating data

We had some fields not set correctly in SDC and I have fixed them but the automation is not updating the field changes. Here is a sample of one part pulled back from SDC but it is not updating UPC in Suredone.

{"action":"edit","guid":"BQVLBMHD30011","upc":"843233000412","manufacturerpartnumber":"BMHD30011","brandid":"BQVL","brand":"B&W Trailer Hitches","longdescription":"Heavy Duty Ball Mount, 2\" drop, 2x8\" Shank","jobberprice":"28.0000","mapprice":"USD","media1":"","media2":"","media3":"","media4":"","weight":"15","title":"BMHD30011-BALL MOUNT 16K 2\" DROP","condition":"New","datasource":"SDC"}

  • Hey Cass,

    Are you able to access the SFTP server or any of the uploaded SDC files to compare the values in the latest file(s) vs. what is being updated (or not updated) in SureDone?

    For example, grabbing the latest file from the automation metadata (see attached) and doing a debug run against the file, I can see files being generated for starts/edits. Can you elaborate on which value(s) are inaccurate so we can take a closer look?

    SureDone Product Team

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