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Automation not updating stock on market places

I have 2 automations and the product database is getting updated with the vendor's stock quantity but they are not updating our market places.

XDP #1198

Diode Dynamics #1195

  • Hello Cass,

    We reviewed the issue and found that the vendor stock quantity for new vendors is not being sent to marketplaces - since you haven't added the "vendorstock' fields in "Stock Control Fields" under Settings>Products and Inventory>Inventory>Stock Control Fields. 

    Stock Control Fields in SD 

    See attached screenshot for your reference.

    We have now added the field "diodestock" and "xdpstock " to the Stock control fields in your SureDone account. So, please update any listings with these vendor fields and see if the stock reflects on marketplaces now Or report back any issues.

    Thank you, Shivaji

    SureDone Support

  • Thanks for the help!

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