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Automation engine doesn't reflect all the products return in search query


We have an automation created for product repricing based on certain condition but that seem to not working as per our expectation

Here is the automation link

The issue/query is regarding the by number of returned by product search query are not the products returned by automation test run.

For instance this query returns around 60K products in suredone.
ingram:=Y anchor:-=Y (ingramdiscper:<=30 ingramdiscper:=NET ingramdiscper:=LOW) ingramprice:>0

while the automation test run result file doesn't have all those products available with similar query in suredone_actions case. The same goes with the anchor products selection case scenario as well.

e.g. These two products are returned by search query while missing in automation test results(attached file)
SKU- 9789811537028, 9798667581246

We request to have check on the automation script created by us and let us know reason behind this ambiguity.

Thanks in advance.

Naveen Upadhyay
The Bible Outlet.
  • Hey Naveen!

    Can you change the key "suredone_actions" to "vendor_actions" and try to test again and see if the results are now expected? To explain a bit, when doing something like a repricing automation with no external connections (i.e. no connection to a vendor), SureDone also acts as the vendor in this case. suredone_actions is typically used in exports, where the value from the SD database is modified and then exported, or for making a rule to ignore some field during an import. vendor_actions is typically used in imports to modify the value coming into the SureDone database, although again, in this case, SureDone is acting as both sides, but vendor_actions will be what modifies the value coming in for input. Apologies for the lack of clarity there and we'll work on continually improving the docs and structure of Automation Engine!

    Let us know if that solves your issue in the meantime!

    SureDone Product Team

  • Hey,

    Thanks for response.

    I did change to use vendor_actions in place of suredone_actions but that also not working. And i am not getting expected results not even both the SKU mentioned in first post.



  • Hey Naveen,

    Understood! So looking at the rule associated with the example search:


        "search": "ingram:=Y anchor:-=Y (ingramdiscper:<=30 ingramdiscper:=NET ingramdiscper:=LOW) ingramprice:>0",

        "multiply": {

            "price": [






    We see if the search matches, we multiply ingramprice by 1.3 and apply that value to the main price field.

    Looking at the example SKU 9789811537028, it currently has an ingramprice value of 109.99 and a price value of 142.99. Since 109.99 * 1.3 = 142.99, actually this repricing rule has already been applied to this item. By default, an automation will only include lines in the results file for items in which the values would be changed (so as to avoid constantly reprocessing items with no changes).

    If you manually select the "Run full update" option, in which lines are included in the results file even if no values will change from their present state, then you should see your two example SKUs in the file, and there should be no discrepancy in what you'd expect.

    Hopefully that clears up the remaining ambiguity, and let us know if you have any further issues!

    SureDone Product Team

  • Thanks for the explanation that answers my question.


    Naveen Upadhyay

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