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Automation name: REGEX

Hi , this automation (#1085will run in debug mode, I do not see any errors.

But ,"live" run only happens, when the file name has no spaces.

works live run:


Does not work

"regex":"/My.*.csv/" or "name":"My File-Name.csv"

Can someone look into this please.

  • Hey Erno,

    The regex in your config should work fine. Doing both a debug run and a live run and checking the logs, I see the following log line:

    "Processing file: Your - File Name Here.csv"

    So the file is being properly picked up and processed. With that said, the logs indicate there are no items to add/create/remove. Doing a full debug run, I do see matches, so it seems like all the matching items are already up-to-date.

    If you have any examples of items that should be getting matched/updated and are not, let us know and we can look into it!

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