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Item exists even after it was deleted

I'm trying to just create and delete one item on SureDone.  I'm trying to create something as dumb-down basic as possible.  But SureDone errors:

ShortMessage:Listing violates the Duplicate Listing policy.
LongMessage:It looks like this listing is for an item you already have on eBay: Tom Test 1 (143653999540). We don't allow listings for identical items from the same seller to appear on eBay at the same time. If you'd like to list more than one of the same item, create a multi-quantity fixed price listing.

Tom Test 1

After I received this error I ran my delete script alone and it said 

[messages] => all:56 - Element does not exist and may not be modified

That means, to me, the item does not exist.  So I ran my Item Create script again and got the error above.  It is my summation SureDone is not deleting all items from all sources when I request an item to be deleted through the API.

Please confirm or deny my summation and provide a fix so this never happens again.

  • Hello Tom,

    One thing to understand with the SureDone API is that responses include status for core fields as well as errors directly from external channels.

    In the logs for "tomtest1" we can see multiple success for adding the product and then deleting the product - is it possible you received the error 56 after you had already deleted the product?

    Thank you,

    SureDone Product Team

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