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Automation - SDC (SEMA DATA COOP)

This is our automation:

Products Import (PIES) Create #458

You guys set this up a while ago, and we payed for it.

What is working: The SDC exports the data files with the correct data. 

The issue:

The automation should combine the AAIA BRAND ID with the manufacturer part number and use it as the GUID, but this does not happen.

All items imported from SDC has the manufacturer part number as guid in the SD admin...

Can you look into it why this is happening?


  • For now I turned all SDC automation OFF, causes a lot of issues. But please let me know when you identified the issue with the SDC automation.

  • Hey Erno, we looked into this and believe we determined the problem.

    The field_map config is meant for fields that will be included in the bulk file. So any fields in this config which don't exist in SureDone will be removed during processing, which is preventing the "combine" config from working as expected.

    The field_run config is meant for fields which won't be included in the bulk file, but are needed to define/map fields that are needed for processing (e.g. in a "combine" config).

    Solution: You can either create the custom field brandid in your SureDone account (the value of which will then be updated by this automation), or you can move "brandid":"B20 Brand AAIAID" from field_map to field_run if you don't want the actual brandid value itself.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience since this automation wasn't working as expected out of the gate, but either of those changes should fix it, and let us know if you have any further issues!

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